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Photograph by David L. White

Tree in the Snow

Tree in the Snow

photography by David L. White

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Growth…



(taken at Gyokosendo Cave in Okinawa, Japan)

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Inside


Nature always prevails.

Get in the car kids…

…it’s time to go to the damn park.


(yet another example of proper Engrish)

A – Z Photo Challenge ~ Y…


…is for dragonflY

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Create


This is a photo/graphic design piece that I just created for a client. It started out as a single image of a white lily. She wanted something flowing and in pink tones. I turned the original lily into a layer, duplicated the layer, and chose different hues. I then created the background using the same lily, but in black and white. Then I created a layer mask and made a pink gradient, flattened the image, and voila! The finished image measures 8′ x 4′.

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