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Creepy Crawly Man

Creepy Crawly Man

Taken at a parade in Mexico. Photograph by Cindy A. Carl


The Future in the Present

The Future in the Present

photograph by Cindy A. Carl



photograph by Cindy A. Carl

It’s as easy as giving birth!


I know I said this would be available in June, but like any first-born, the anticipated delivery date isn’t always accurate! After a very long, arduous labor, my book, Paint, Present & Future is now available at Amazon, the iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

I published the book myself, without the help of any intermediary…well…I should clarify that: I didn’t pay anyone to do file conversions, or any of the techie stuff. I’m by no means a techie myself, I just did a lot of research and learned how to do it. I did decide  to publish on Smashwords, but they’re only an intermediary in that some sellers, such as Kobo, won’t take uploads directly from the author. However, I still did the file conversion myself. Soon I will be creating posts about the writing, and truly self-publishing process…because what’s the fun of a head-ache if you can’t share it?

Here is a brief synopsis:

In a quaint village in Mexico, Dani, a struggling, endearing, and somewhat klutzy artist, sets out in pursuit of her dream. Little did she know that the pursuit would become the dream. One night a Shadow Man appears and sends her on a quest: she must find a mysterious woman, and it can only be done through a series of ten paintings. Each painting is prefaced by bizarre situations; including a hurricane, a yellow-out storm, and an excursion into a curio shop with no doors. Three uncooperative guides: a translucent figure, a troll, and a typist who lives in a tree, hold the key. . .but to what?

Sylvia, Dani’s best friend, Ivan, a carpenter obsessed with mesquite tables, and Chuy, an Argentinian Fire Dancer, are Dani’s only link to the ‘real’ world. But eventually even they can’t help as she finds herself sinking further and further into the depths. . .

Click on the image, or here, to go to my Books tab for more information.

Warrior Dancer


Taken during a dance performance in Ajijic, Mexico.

Photo and graphic art by Cindy A. Carl

Dancing for the soul

I’ve added two new photos to my ‘Warrior Dancers of Mexico‘ photo album. These were also taken at the lake-side festival in Ajijic. I am completely moved by all things Native American. They speak to my soul. I didn’t use the original photos because this was a dance performance and there were too many onlookers in the background. I wanted to portray the pure introspection that I see in these two men. I just wish I could have added the  impassioned drumming.

Aren’t you afraid you’re going to get killed?

So many people asked me that question when they found out I was moving to Mexico. In my experience, people all over the world only hear the terrible things that happen in other countries. It’s gotten to the point where I’m reluctant to admit that I’m American because people aren’t thrilled with Americans these days. When I moved to Japan one of the first questions that someone asked me was, “Do you own a gun?” Now why on earth would I own a gun? I don’t hunt. I couldn’t bring myself to kill an animal, much less a person. I don’t even like it when I have to kill the armies of ants that keep trying to invade my home. So no, I have never owned a gun, and no, I’m not afraid I am going to get killed. Crime exists everywhere…and I don’t hang out with the cartel.

Mexico is an exuberant place, with wonderful culture, gregarious people, good food, and the best part…a two-hour mid afternoon siesta. James Taylor had it right; “Oh Mexico. It sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low. Moon‘s so bright like to light up the night. Make everything all right.” That is the feeling that I want to capture. I also want to portray the vibrant colors, and not just of the flora, but of the buildings as well.  If someone told me I should paint my house orange, pink, and yellow I would have laughed. But that color combination actually works here because the quality of light is so brilliant (still not my choice, nonetheless). In fact, the sun is so intense that it’s impossible to take photos without a polarizing filter, and it’s difficult even with one.

The photo above was taken at a Mardi Gras parade in Ajijic, as was the one in my new photo album, ‘Mexico,’ of the two ‘dolls’ riding the ATV (just in case you’re thinking, “What is that about!?”).

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