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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Movement


I missed the bus, so I’m late for the Weekly Photo Challenge!


Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Create


This is a photo/graphic design piece that I just created for a client. It started out as a single image of a white lily. She wanted something flowing and in pink tones. I turned the original lily into a layer, duplicated the layer, and chose different hues. I then created the background using the same lily, but in black and white. Then I created a layer mask and made a pink gradient, flattened the image, and voila! The finished image measures 8′ x 4′.

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Friendship


Okay, so if you haven’t seen Cast Away with Tom Hanks then this photo won’t make any sense at all (and I’ll post a different one later), but whether you’re trapped on a deserted island, or not, everyone could use a friend like Wilson.

I actually did find this volleyball on a ‘deserted’ beach – the only difference was that I could hike back to my car and drive away. I took the photo, but I left Wilson behind, just in case someone came along who needed a friend. This was a photo of just a plain, old volleyball stuck between two rocks. I ‘Wilsonized’ it using Photoshop.

What am I doing here?

Hello! I’m Cindy and I’m an author and artist. This is a new blog, so there’s not much content as of yet, but keep checking. Soon I’ll be adding more information about my new book, Paint, Present, & Future, which will be published in June 2012. You can find it under my “books” tab. I’ll also be posting my artwork, which you’ll be able to find under the “art” tab.

In addition to the above, I’m also going to keep a journal for new Indie authors (or anyone who is interested). If you’re just getting started maybe I can help you out. Paint, Present & Future is my first self-published novel. If you’ve gotten to the research stage of self-publishing you’ve probably noticed how absolutely overwhelming, frustrating, (and sometimes verbose) it can be. How do you sort through all the information? How do you recognize the scams? Do you really need an intermediary? (That’s what I call places like BookBaby, Smashwords, etc.) I’m finding that things can be done at a next-to-nothing cost, and done well.

So follow along on my journey. Hopefully I’ll carve out an entertaining and scenic trail.

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