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The adaptation of Nature


I’ve added more images to my Cambodia album. Many of these photos are of the roots that grow into and around the ancient Ta Prohm temple. Nature will always have my utmost respect.

Doorways by Cindy A. Carl


Sticks at Sunset


A new addition to my Cambodia photo album

Photo by Cindy A. Carl



This photo is in my “Cambodia” album, but it was actually taken in Thailand…oops. In my defense, we started the trip in Bangkok, then went to Cambodia, back to Thailand (Chiang Mai), and on to Bali. It was during the hottest part of the year. To say the humidity was intense is kind of like saying winters in New England are a little chilly. It was brutal. So if I put some photos in the wrong album (Thailand and Bali albums are on the way) I blame it on the brain swelling that was a result of the heat. The rest of the photos in the album are indeed from Cambodia. The Angkor Wat temples are astonishing, but if you go, be sure to also visit the floating villages, especially at sunset. Cambodia is a place I want to go back to, but next time I want to take the Mekong River tour from Laos to Vietnam!

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