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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Dreaming


This was taken at the Okinawa zoo.


Pets are people, too!


You can judge the morality of a nation by the way the society treats its animals.  Mahatma Gandhi

Whoever thinks that animals have no feelings either has not spent any real time with them, or they view them as food. Every animal I’ve ever met has had a distinct personality. One of my cats, Isan, (the blue-eyed one) is such a sensitive cat that if I trip over him (because he swims around my ankles like a shark) he gets insulted! Then I have to spend hours apologizing to him! Mojo, the black cat, carried my shoes around the house and stacked them in interesting patterns. I called it his shoe art. He also played fetch and knocked on doors. When he balanced on a window ledge three stories from the ground all I had to tell him was that he was freaking me out and he’d come back in. Sometimes he liked freaking me out. He has passed now, after living with me for 16 years, and in three different countries.

I have stories for every pet who has ever graced me with their presence (at least that’s how cats see it). Each one touched my life. Each one taught me things. Each one has made me laugh hysterically. Each one showed me unconditional love–something that people could learn from them.

Not all of the pets in my new ‘Furry People’ photo album are still on this earth, but they’ll always be in my memories.

I think we should pay attention to the furry people, who are all around us. I wish that anyone who sees animal abuse would take immediate action. Whether or not I have a personal connection with them, when I see an animal being abused it rips my heart out and wounds my soul. We should treasure them, because they are with us for a very short time.

What am I doing here?

Hello! I’m Cindy and I’m an author and artist. This is a new blog, so there’s not much content as of yet, but keep checking. Soon I’ll be adding more information about my new book, Paint, Present, & Future, which will be published in June 2012. You can find it under my “books” tab. I’ll also be posting my artwork, which you’ll be able to find under the “art” tab.

In addition to the above, I’m also going to keep a journal for new Indie authors (or anyone who is interested). If you’re just getting started maybe I can help you out. Paint, Present & Future is my first self-published novel. If you’ve gotten to the research stage of self-publishing you’ve probably noticed how absolutely overwhelming, frustrating, (and sometimes verbose) it can be. How do you sort through all the information? How do you recognize the scams? Do you really need an intermediary? (That’s what I call places like BookBaby, Smashwords, etc.) I’m finding that things can be done at a next-to-nothing cost, and done well.

So follow along on my journey. Hopefully I’ll carve out an entertaining and scenic trail.

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