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Warrior Dancer


Taken during a dance performance in Ajijic, Mexico.

Photo and graphic art by Cindy A. Carl


Dancing for the soul

I’ve added two new photos to my ‘Warrior Dancers of Mexico‘ photo album. These were also taken at the lake-side festival in Ajijic. I am completely moved by all things Native American. They speak to my soul. I didn’t use the original photos because this was a dance performance and there were too many onlookers in the background. I wanted to portray the pure introspection that I see in these two men. I just wish I could have added the  impassioned drumming.

Aztec Dancers of Mexico

Here’s a small taste of one of the great traditions of Mexico!

Under my ‘art’ tab is a new album ~ Warrior Dancers of Mexico. This photo, and the first in the album, are Aztec dancers that performed at the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) celebration in Ajijic. The others were taken at a lake-side festival, also in Ajijic, that celebrated the native customs and traditions of the indigenous people before the Spanish colonization.

These are all original photos that I then morphed using Adobe Elements 10. I hope you enjoy them!

What am I doing here?

Hello! I’m Cindy and I’m an author and artist. This is a new blog, so there’s not much content as of yet, but keep checking. Soon I’ll be adding more information about my new book, Paint, Present, & Future, which will be published in June 2012. You can find it under my “books” tab. I’ll also be posting my artwork, which you’ll be able to find under the “art” tab.

In addition to the above, I’m also going to keep a journal for new Indie authors (or anyone who is interested). If you’re just getting started maybe I can help you out. Paint, Present & Future is my first self-published novel. If you’ve gotten to the research stage of self-publishing you’ve probably noticed how absolutely overwhelming, frustrating, (and sometimes verbose) it can be. How do you sort through all the information? How do you recognize the scams? Do you really need an intermediary? (That’s what I call places like BookBaby, Smashwords, etc.) I’m finding that things can be done at a next-to-nothing cost, and done well.

So follow along on my journey. Hopefully I’ll carve out an entertaining and scenic trail.

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