I’d Rather Not Eat Than do the Dishes

This is my basic approach to life. Not that I’m bragging, or saying it’s a good approach, it’s just kind of what I’ve developed into. Here’s a roundabout ‘for instance’: It’s been a year since I’ve paid any attention to my blog. The year just got away from me. I knew what I was going to do with that year, and how I was going to do it. I had a great plan. Then my dog ate it. Scratch that. My cat buried it in his litter box. (I don’t have a dog.) Why did my cat bury it? Because he could see how overwhelmed I was.

Let’s recap: 3 years ago I quit my job because I just had had enough of the grind, and decided I was going to write a book. Most people would call that crazy. Most people did call that crazy. But I was determined. . . and I did it. Now being new to the business of writing I had no idea what was in store for me. I had promised to blog about the process of writing, publishing, and selling, but then I never followed through. I felt like I was so buried in the “what I had to do’s” that I froze. So this is me getting back on track:

Writing was painful, frustrating, fun – and the easy part. I thought the hard work would be behind me once the book was written, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. I did the hasty thing and self-published without fully researching what that meant. Self-publishing is marketing. I know it’s all marketing, but I suspect it’s easier when you have someone showing you the ropes. I hate marketing, and I especially suck at marketing myself. I have to learn all this stuff that I don’t particularly want to learn. I complained to my sister once that “writing is hard.” She said, “Of course it’s hard. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.” Except it seems like everyone is doing it, and most of us are floundering around trying to solve the same problems.

There are solutions, of course. Like I know I should write a press release and then get it “out there.” There are books and courses and blogs ad nauseum telling us what to do. There is social networking. (Yuck – I admit I do better in the physical world) In fact, there is so much it’s overwhelming. And when I get overwhelmed, I freeze. When it comes to the fight or flight response, I definitely fall on the side of flight. Which is okay in situations like when a huge, bulky figure threatens you in a dark alley. Damn right I’ll run, but it’s just not useful in everyday life. I inherited my mother’s worst trait; namely, if you ignore it, it will go away. Don’t even bother trying that. I can tell you right now it doesn’t work.  I always thought I was lazy. Turns out I was just afraid.

The truth is, it’s not that I don’t want to do the dishes…er…the marketing it’s that I don’t know how. There seems to be a lot of what to do, but not necessarily how to do it. When I finally figure that out I’ll be sure to let you know. I can’t possibly be the only one in this predicament.

So that’s where I’ve been for the past year. Somehow I was released from the statue I was stuck inside of, and now I’m ready to figure out how this marketing BS works (while working on my second book). I’m normally proactive, and I’m not sure where that went, but I’m back now. I just can’t look at the whole picture at once or I’ll get overwhelmed again, and right now I have a plan. . .  and I’m keeping it away from the cat.


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