I think I said earlier that I’m into lines and perspective. That’s probably pretty obvious by now. I am always looking for unusual ways to capture images. When you walk around with a camera a lot, especially if it’s where you live, it can seem like there are no new photos to take. Often I get bored, thinking I won’t see anything new, and I leave my camera behind. Inevitably, I see something and wish I had it with me. I have to say, too, that I find carrying around a lot of gear to be cumbersome. Constantly switching lenses makes me crazy because every time I change it I need the other lens. Kind of like a cat always being on the wrong side of the door.  My best friend, Joan, is a lightning fast photographer and she usually has the right lens ready to go. It’s so infuriating! (I say that lovingly) As much as I’d like to pass myself off as a photographer who has it all together…let’s be serious…I’m a fumbler. I’d be the one to drop the lens when I’m swapping it out. In fact, I have. Thank God for filters.

So to compensate for all of those things I primarily use one lens: a 28-300mm. Sure it has limitations, but it’s also pretty versatile. It’s a good lens for someone who likes to travel light. To make up for its limitations I contort myself into awkward positions. Sometimes that means lying on my belly in the middle of the street, or hanging from a tree branch. You can imagine the odd looks that this results in from strangers, but hey, sometimes it pays to be a little off-the-wall. My friends used to say “what the hell are you doing!?” but now they’re used to me.

All of the photos in my ‘Perspective’ album were taken with this simple lens…and contortion.


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