You really have to admire nature–every aspect of it. I’m hard-pressed to find anything that I don’t admire. I hear people say ‘the desert is ugly,’ ‘insects are ugly,’…there’s a judgment for everything. Personally, I don’t see ugliness in nature. I love the mountains and lakes and oceans and deserts and storms and animals and rodents and insects and…Okay, so wait a minute. I wouldn’t say that everything is beautiful. Flies aren’t pretty. Mosquitos? No. Of course, that could be because they annoy me to no end. Nah. They’re just not pretty. How about this…everything in nature amazes me. So I started a nature album. I thought I’d start with benign things, like flowers and leaves. Although, I did stick a spider in here. So if you’re squeamish or phobic be warned. But I think you’ll have to agree that it’s a beautiful spider. These are common all over Okinawa and can get as big as my hand. Their homes are multiplexes.

The insects in Mexico are pretty incredible, too. Even Black Widows are beautiful, and I felt terrible when I had to kill one (and five of its babies) when it got into my home. But it was kill or be killed and that’s the sad truth. (Sorry, I didn’t take the time to find my camera and snap a photo first.) I’ll get off my bug-o-logue now because really, my nature album isn’t full of things that creep you out, and if I add something that might I’ll give you a heads-up in a post.


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