A few years back I traveled to Australia to visit my nephew, Clark. I flew there via Asia, which meant several airports and many x-rays. I was using a film camera. When they say that the airport x-rays don’t affect film…well, that was not my experience. I even used those protective film bags. I returned home and had my rolls and rolls of film developed and was crushed when I picked up the prints. The quality of every single photo was horrendous. They all looked under-exposed and grainy. Yes, I know how to use a camera, and yes, I used a very reputable developer, so I can only conclude that the rolls were damaged somewhere along the way.

Instead of melting into a puddle of tears I turned to my life-saving software…Photoshop. It turned out to be a good thing. It was a crash course in developing my Photoshop skills. I was able to save about 70% of them. (I took a lot of photos so that was a good percentage, and some of them were simply  not salvageable because the shot itself sucked; add to that damage and there’s not a lot you can do.)


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