Abstract Oil Paintings

Here are just a few samples of my abstract oil paintings. When I paint I just let whatever is inside me that wants to come out, come out. I let the canvas dictate what it wants to be. I’m very affected by color and I find that the palette I use is often influenced by where I’m living at the time. Some of these were inspired by Mexico and represent everything from the Aztec culture to the lively fiestas, others were inspired while living in Okinawa, Japan. The post-card aqua seas were breathtaking and I loved to snorkel and dive.

I think that movement and colors bring the painting to life. Of course, to me, painting is also a very emotional experience. That may or may not be evident. But whether you love or hate it, it’s all an emotional response. The beauty of abstract is that anyone can bring their own eye/experience to it and see whatever moves them.

I know, I know

“I could’ve done that.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t!”

(said so many times I have no idea where it originated.)


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